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Havas approached Daynes Digital for some digital expertise regarding their new campaign they had been working on for the Bundesamt für Gesundheit focusing on bringing awareness around the topics of Antibiotics and the use and abuse thereof. The dynamic and extremely conceptual campaign needed a simple, responsive Campaign online hub. That's exactly what they got. 


A simple yet energetic website bringing a bit of colour and life to a rather boring subject. Daynes digital drafted up a masonry grid wireframe and injected a punchy colour palette to house a humourous and engaging campaign online. 

"With a small budget we wanted to create a responsive hub for users to come and view campaign in a quick and informative way, using a filter to navigate through the different uses of antibiotics ranging from animals to environmental impacts. Cool project..."
- Ryan Daynes -



Agency: Havas & Daynes Digital
Client: Bundesamt für Gesundheit (BAG)
Creative Director: Ryan Daynes
Digital Design: Ryan Daynes
Development: GSDH Cape Town
Project Management: Alexandra Cron

This project can only be explained to such an extent in its static form. 
Best you go and experience it for yourself. 

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