The shake up your senses campaign was directed at the global youth. The challenge was to create an ownable energizing refreshment platform that makes Coca-Cola the 1st beverage of choice for teens around the world

The ATL advert presented the core concept of the campaign. Using handshakes as the way to connect with the youth and say “Shake Up Their Senses”, so we had to make it work on the ground too and bring meaning to teenagers everyday lives, bringing excitement and a serious Social Currency through Coca Cola, with it.

The online portfolio of Ryan DaynesThe online portfolio of Ryan Daynes


We conceptualised a series of engaging ambient actions that could be implemented into the Coca-Cola festival line-up in countries worldwide. Coca-Cola Brand Managers and Teams, in each country could choose from a series of ideas. Some of which i highlight here...

Coca-Cola’s Ice Moat, an ice cold pool filled with a underwater vending machine that dispenses Cokes to teens who can dive down to retrieve it. Swipe their RFID Rings to enter to the pool, checking them in at the pool on Facebook places so their friends will know where to find them. 

The RFID Rings will be water resistant, they’ll also be able to tag recordings of their underwater dive on their Facebook profiles. all they need to do is dive down, press a button, and receive a Coke for their trouble.


The Interactive Handshake vending machine. Teens can do a handshake with a friend, bust a move in front of the motion activated camera, sing a song on the karaoke machine to score a drink or learn the Coca-Cola handshake from the digital avatar.  Its all accessed and integrated with Facebook through the RFID Ring using these digital applications, teens will also be able to record and share their handshakes online, and have their footage become part of the Coke handshake music video. 


Coke Handshake Stage is where two pairs of teens will compete in a 2on2 handshake competition. The stage will be shaped like a giant Coke bottle cap. Next to it will be a screen showcasing the challengers. Teens will take turns doing handshakes while a DJ plays music and highlights their moves with Coke sound effects like Pschhht,  Ahhhh!, Kluunk! etc.  After each team has had a go the crowd will vote for their favourite pair of handshakers with their RFID Rings. The winning team will win two x 1 hour long backstage passes.