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eBookers // 15yrs in Switzerland


The eBookers team came to us with a task to create an Ambient and Social campaign that highlights their fifteenth birthday in Switzerland, re-instilling top-of-mind & driving online ticket sales...


With eBookers being one of the most popular online travel booking brands within Switzerland, Austria and Germany and solid roots in the UK, they wanted something that created a massive buzz for a relatively small budget, reinstilling their brand core message of always getting more out when booking with them, from bonus points, cash-back rewards, dicsounts and so on. 



The core of the concept was an integrate the number 15 into an ambient action in three of Switzerland's main cities, Zurich, Bern and Basel.  15 Giant Postcards highlighting Switzerland's top 15 destinations. People were presented with a large, billboard-sized postcard of a popular destination to engage with. 

We wanted to create something that caused impact and disturbance in the day-to-day foot traffic in key locations. Our concept was to literally take people to these incredible destinations by placed oversized postcards in these locations. From there the user journey began....



Each postcard had an intriguing headline, accompanied by the beautiful image and a postcard stamp with illustrated elements inside, all creating a set of clues to the riddle. The user had to take a picture inside the postcard and using the #ebookers15, guess the correct destination in which they were standing.  This placed them in the run to win a full week, all expenses paid trip to that destination.


The social hub was a full functional and engaging microsite. This was to ensure that everyone could enter this competition, both  online and onsite, in the ambient postcards. Users landed on a homepage highlighting all 15 destinations. 

They could firstly choose the destination they wanted to enter and then via a social login could create their own customised postcard image to share on their social media channels. An aggregated social wall collected all the curated entries and after a full week to 10 days of entries, the microsite shifted to be purely a voting platform where users could vote for their best entries, using a filter per destination. The users voted and the most popular entries won one of fifteen incredible all expenses paid holidays to the destination they entered with.

user journeyuser journey


//  1.2Mill Post Impressions on Social Media channels
//  2.2 min Ave. time spent on Microsite
//  4K Postcards created both online & Ambient  with #ebookers15
//  2 week period



Agency: Webguerillas Zürich
Client: eBookers 
Creative Director: Ryan Daynes
Art Director: Ryan Daynes / Natalie Kauer
Copywriter: Simon Kümin
Social Media: Simon Keller
Client Service / Management: Dino Ceccato