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Rotpunkt Pharmas' Hä? Magazine in digital form. A hard hitting and extremely edgy yet informative magazine aimed at the Swiss youth, educating them on subjects like Sex, Drugs, Alcohol and Health etc. in a edgy yet relevant way.


An Online Library for Tweens with a Street Edge. We wanted to build a site full of bite-sized pieces of content from the Print version of the magazine. Content that is to the point and easy to navigate to. This mobile-first ptoject was teen focused. We needed to keep their attention while feeding them information that is relevant and educational. Content that is written by doctors and pharmacists but it presented in a authentic, street-edge Zine style.

"Now a year live and online the site boasts over 250 pieces on great content to keep users of all ages educated and entertained. Filtered at your fingertips with a swipe and click. An award-piece for 2019/2020 no doubt."
- Ryan Daynes -



Filter by Main Topic, then fine-tune by sub-category.
Users can filter the content easily using the various options provided in order to tailor their content to their specific interests. The filter provides the core functionality of the site and allows users to browse via a broader topic or theme, or get more in depth and choose a specific keyword to browse with. 

Rate the content so other users can filter according to popularity. We decided to introduce a 'Bussi' Rating system. give the best posts a 'smooch' from 1 to 5 and let the users that come after you enjoy the best and sexiest content in the site. 😍

This project can only be explained to such an extent in its static form. 
Best you go and experience it for yourself. 

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