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Laederach wanted to up their online presence and launch a completely new website with a superb online store which caters to a luxurious high-end global market.


We needed to position Läderach as the premium Swiss chocolate brand online. The main aims were to transfer offline values into an integrated online experience, harmonise website, online shop and retail environments and create a differentiated identity amongst competitors.


We created an state of the art online experience. Inregtating an intuitive user interface through modular tile structure and responsive design for seamless user experience on any device. Aesthetics of chocolate ranges as inspiration for colour palette and visual concept.

We shot a refreshed, highly detailed photographic brand image library with a strong food appeal, which was adapted by client for all brand channels worldwide. Displaying a broad range of content utilising different media channels. Go to site?



Agency: Webguerillas Zürich
Client: Laederach Chocolatier Switzerland
Creative Director: Conrad Malcher, Ryan Daynes
Art Director & Design: Richard Wegele, Michelle Danilschenko
Copywriter: Ennio Cadau, Annika Eigenmann
Project Management: Moritz Capelle, Tatjana Meichtry
Management: Dino Ceccato