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Training is not only something you do everytime you exercise or compete. It’s a Ritual you trust in and live by.


With Odlo you are perfectly prepared for any kind of sport whether it rains, hails, or snows, or if it’s hot, cold or humid - whatever the situation, Odlo equipment always offers the right solution ensuring the perfect body climate. Thus, you are always prepared. Behind this thinking lies the three-layer principle "The Art of Layering", as originally developed by Odlo. 


Every athlete has a ritual! The ‘Haka’ of the New Zealand All Blacks. The yellow jersey in the Tour de France. Rafael Nadal’s ritual movement sequence before each serve. Odlo clothing has been developed for top athletes, the clothing prepares you and gives you that mental and physical edge in the harshest of elements. Getting dressed for sport is part of an athlete’s mental «warm-up». It generates mental focus, confidence, getting into the mindset of training or competition. Its a Ritual, one that connects Odlo clothing to an existing human truth.The Ritual creates an emotional connection between Odlo and athlete. We have an opportunity to capital on this ritual and and brand from.



We launched the campaign with an extremely strong set of fresh, dynamic imagery. The high fashion yet sporty look & feel was pivotal in giving the campaign a modern appeal to the target audience. This incredibly shot imagery coupled with a online commercial that would've lived comfortably in Television and Cinema media, gave us the platform with which to launch a social media campaign, full of content and providing the base for digital engagement on their main social media channels, Instagram and Facebook.   


The anchor point came with a microsite & social hub. The main aim was to create awareness around the digital campaign, educate what the 'Art Of Layering' meant in practise and finally drive sales in the online store.

We achieved this through a slick and simple filter to help users know how to layer correctly for all sporting occasions in Fall/Winter. From the 1st layer, to main activity sportswear and finally to after-action casual wear it created complete outfits driving them to purchase the outfit in in one click, where the outfits chosen had been pre-packaged for ease of purchase journey.

A fixed-width, responsive experience allowed users to view the online film, encouraging them to 'Show Us Your Ritual' with #odloritual in order to stand a chance to win a complete layered outfit of their choice. 


//   Renewed consumer interest in the odlo brand for winter 2014/15

//   Established odlo as a premium winter and casual wear brand, not just underwear 

//   30% Increase in followers on instagram page over 1 month period

//   15% Increase in followers on facebook page over 1 month period

//   Over 600 unique entries in the #odloritual competition in 2 weeks

//   #Odloritual still used today by many top athletes on social networks


Agency: Webguerillas Zürich
Client: Odlo Clothing
Creative Director: Ryan Daynes
Photography: Patrik Johall (
D.O.P. Magnus Peterson (
Art Director: Ryan Daynes
Copywriter: Annika Nadler / Ryan Daynes
Client Service: Petra Moser
Management: Dino Ceccato