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An immense project and a year in the making. The approach for Daynes Digital was not to simply meet the brief, it was to surpass the basic needs and digitalise the brand in a way that will re-create its online identity for years to come and solidify Rotpunkt Apotheken as one of the Pharmacy leaders in Switzerland. 

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Differentiation in a competitive marketplace was key to the Brand Strategy. Daynes Digital adopted an holistic approach, looking at how we can create an experience for the user from an 'outside-in' approach. With a website full of information and customers that visit the website for different reasons, a unique user journey was needed for every user in order to make 'differentiated service' felt clearly at every touchpoint within the website.


From the Strategy a Digital Concept was formed. From this Concept every touchpoint within the webite was reviewed, reinvented and optimised. Optimisation had to occur both internally, within Roptunkt's HQ itself and externally, the digital online solution. The result...well it speaks for itself. It puts the customers needs first, and give them 'differentiated service' at every digital touchpoint as they engage with the brand in a web atmosphere.


Most of your users will probably never navigate past your homepage. Daynes Digital wanted to address this and use it as a Digital Concept in itself. We knew from our Strategy that some users come online for four key reasons. To see the Monthly Aktionen, the Serviceleistungen, to find an Apotheke and finally just to browse and read the Gesundheitsratgeber information.

In order to cater for this a 'Welcome Pop-up' filter was developed, that also lives innately in the Navigation and Sticky-Navigation. The user can jump between the Hubs with ease, and if they are feeling unwell they can click on 'Gesundheit' and be navigated to the 'Body-Check-Filter' (see below)

A Content Heirarchy was developed and implemented, introducting new 'blog-style' content to keep the website relevant and top-of-mind. Other styles of content were placed in two main categories of 'Static' and 'Live' content.

This becomes particulary important when a user uses the Body-Check Filter as the Startseite complely reinvents itself according to a tags, and to Content Heirarchy. Live content is always shown first then the Static content follows. All under the same Subject they have filtered previoulsy.

"The Startseite becomes a tool to quickly access relevant and filtered information. Providing a user experience inline with the Digital Strategy positioning of 'differentiated service" - Ryan Daynes   



A completely unique experience in the Pharmacuetical website arena. From the strategy to put 'Service' at the forefront, we wanted to create a filter whereby a user who is sick or feeling ill can come on to the website ad use this filter using hotspots on the human body to select where their pain or uncomfort is being felt.

Once selected they are prompted with different symptoms and once there are filtered and confimred the Startseite reshuffles all the content, using a tag system to only show the user relevant information relating to those exact symtpoms. The first point of call in an online environment to educate the user and then push them for to enter a Roptunkt Pharmacy near them for real professional care. 


Because Rotpunkt is made up of 105 Affiliate Pharmacies alot of content was being duplicated and mimicked in different ways. This creates a serious inconsistency with the Brand. Daynes Digtial conceptualised to keep all information relating to their three focus areas in three powerful Hubs. Housed within the mainsite and fed through to all the affiliates under the new template. These Hubs centralsie the information, give the HQ control on the content and keep the Brand World intact on every touch point.  

The four hubs are first and foremost, Serviceleistungen. Here the user can select the Services and the location and they will be shown all the services available at the different Rotpunkt Pharmacies wihtin their specific geo-location OR they can browse under default in a browsing capacity. 

The second Hub is that of the Gesundheitsratgeber Hub, this centralised Masonry Grid puts all the different Health-Tipps at the users fingertips quickly and efficiently. Something that all the competitors failed to do in such a simple and filtered way.

The third Hub is that of the Apotheken Hub. Here the user can search for Pharmacies wihtin thier geo-location OR override the default and search in other areas too. Fourth and final Hub is a centralised Stellenangebote Hub, whereby potential employees can seek whatever jobs are available within the Roptunkt Pharma group and its 105 affiliates. Fed via an internal intranet into the main webaite and all the affiliate child templaes. 



A Website is as good as its content and its imagery. This is the benchmark. You can build an absolute engaging UI but if the imagery and content is bad, the website for the user will remain largely unexplored. We looked hard at the Brand World of Roptunkt and we it was agrree upon to move into Illustration as the main Image Style for the entire site. Illustration for a set colour palette that had already been established by Daynes Digital in the Serviceleistungen Illustrations was then further fleshed out into the Gesundheitsratgeber Imagery too. 

Photography is still utilised however a chosen Stock Library image grading and style was defined by Christian Bobst to compliment the Illustrations of Ryan Daynes. The Iconography was also a major asset to the website and a icon library was crafted and chosen to compliment the user experience and boost the design aesthethic of the UI.