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Swiss Airlines wanted to create an app, specifically designed for their annual Captains Day. It had to use game theory as a logic with the specific aim to teach its top Captains how to be more effecient in their work processes, both in the air and on the ground, in management with their respective teams.


The Captains were placed into teams. Their was an Moderator assigned acting as admin, which monitored, scored and assessed all the teams progress. We chose 'Public Good' game theory as the solution to use. 


'Public Good' gives each team an amount of 8 units per round. Their task is to choose an amount which they invest into the public good and their own businss interests. Their are rewards and repurcussions for each decision. The theory is that if you invest all your money in your own business then you will eventually fail anyway as the public good will not survive. Thus is corrolates the relationship between a business's personal invested interests and that of its dependant micro and marco environmental factors. It really was the perfect fit, as through playing the game you realise your small decisions can have a dramatic ripple affect on a larger scale to the business as a whole.