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Swiss Airlines came to us with an idea to create an ongoing platform that would highlight local people doing extraordinary things that involved travelling the world, in pursuit of their passion. We naturally followed suit with vigour and within months #reasonifly was born...


The platfrom was created to highlight relatively ordinary people doing extraordinary things through travel. People changing the world in their own special way, through arts and culture, NGO initiatives, sports and such. We wanted to start a conversation with the SWISS Airlines social community, through inspiration content and eventually give the community a chance to follow suit...  



Firstly we set out to find these incredible indivuals, whom had to firstly be Swiss, secondly not be highly famous and sponsored in their efforts to achieve the goals, and thirdly fit the content criteria we had defined. 

Next we created a content timeline and shot a series of introductory films, giving the viewer an introspective through a question answer format and finally editing it into a short concise and jounralistic film style. 


The site was another journey that we launched in two phases, firtly was a more static phase whereby we tested the user journey interaction with our content, which was more static and timeline focsed than what it became in the second phase, namely adopting a blog style format where content from our Ambassador pool was published when it became available and create a viable platform for a stream of fresh content indefinitely. 

One element that became very popular with our #reasonifly community was the opportunity for them to share their stories with SWISS in the hope of it being used and adpoted as content for future Ambassadors. Cindy's incredible love story of a Swiss girl marrying a Pakistani man and converting to Islam was one such story we took on and ran with effectively. 

Overall the content was aimed to be real, ethical, entertaining and nothing of a premeditated marketing spin for SWISS. We wanted to keep it believable and shareable, inspiring and on point. I believe we did just that. 



Agency: Cell Zürich
Client: Swiss International Airlines
Creative Director: Ryan Daynes
Film: Bürobureau
Art Director: Ryan Daynes
Copywriter: Daniel Gremli / Martin Rüegg
Social Media: Simon Keller / Petra Lieberherr
Web Development:  Netzbarkeit
Management: Dino Ceccato

Header image: Christian Bobst (World Press Photo Award winner)